Sunday, June 30, 2013

COMMENT: imam Afroz Ali and the 100 extremists

News Limited tabloids report that allegedly qualified imam Afroz Ali has said some 100 extremists live in Western Sydney.

"We have had a program for the last seven years now in which we have had 240 people who were considered to be moving in a direction which may have led them to violent radicalisation - to terrorism ... 
"What we have found is, of the 240 people, 120, exactly half of them, are people who have changed their thinking, their mindset. That is something that I don't necessarily share too widely in public, but I am happy to share it here."

Mr Ali made these remarks to a consultative committee of Imams. He himself is not a member of any board of Imams in Sydney or Melbourne.

A video of his presentation is reproduced below. 

UPDATE I: Many Imams I have spoken to have openly questioned Afroz Ali's qualifications. I myself have serious reservations. To this day, he has not responded to this open letter.

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Dawn Mitchell said...

How are imams qualified. I am sure he gave himself the title. Ask for proof, I bet you he won't provide any, or print one off his computer.

Dawn Mitchell said...

Also have the federal police been given names of these extremists, we don't want terrorism being supported in our country.