Monday, March 24, 2014

REFLECTION: Thoughts on "islamic" racism


It's a complex phenomenon.

Its victims are many, and often its perpetrators do not cite race as their inspiration.

But in some circles, the perpetrators of racism are seen as being all of one colour. Perhaps not a literal colour. Perhaps colour is a loose term used to describe a category. But colour is used.

There is a theory in some social sciences circles that speaks of "whiteness". It refers not specifically to persons of white skin. It is much broader.

But sadly, some in less mature Australian Muslim circles who claim some qualification in politics, sociology and other social sciences, are attempting to apply their own brand of whiteness theory on a faith that is colour blind.

Yet the contradictions in this group are extraordinary.

One is a psychologist of Palestinian extraction who has anglicised her surname.

Another is an Adelaide-based post doc who was born in the United Kingdom and has skin almost as white as snow.

More to come.

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