Monday, October 24, 2005

Halal Snippets – 24/10/05

The PM is still insisting that the proposed anti-terror bill will become law by Christmas. And why shouldn’t he be so confident given that he has effective control of the Senate. Further, he has a compliant bunch of Muslim leaders who will do whatever he tells them to do.

Judas Iscariot is said to have betrayed Christ for a few pieces of gold or silver. The Uncle Letmesplaynyoo’s that rule Muslim peak bodies will happily sell out their community for a few extra government grants. They have refrained from criticising despotic Arab countries for years in return for grants. Do you really expect our migrant uncles to behave differently toward Mr Howard?

One of these Uncles was rewarded by some Young Turks last night. Mr Ali Roude, the school principal with no Higher School Certificate, was awarded the Affinity Intercultural Foundation’s “Muslim of the Year” award. Mr Roude was one of the PM’s favourite Muslims who attended the summit held earlier this year. He has also been an executive member of the near-defunct Islamic Council of NSW since … well … since the last Ice Age.

And the ICNSW are still living in the Ice Age. Their website hasn’t been updated for ages. If you don’t believe me, go to their media section. The ICNSW has a radio station whose management still haven’t realised that their plane has in fact left Beirut airport and arrived in Sydney. Their schedule of Arabic programs is chockas while they have no programs listed on their English schedule.

AMCRAN continue with their valiant efforts to inform and agitate against the anti-liberty laws being introduced for formerly liberal Prime Minister John Howard. But do you think AMCRAN are getting any assistance from the wealthy Muslims and their organisations? I think there would be a greater chance of Sophie Panopoulos wearing a hijab to Parliament than of middle-aged migrant Muslim men providing funds to useful campaigns.

The Muslim Community Reference Group (MCRG) has been established, though I can hardly hear a peep from them on the new laws. In fact, no one yet knows what they are doing. I checked AFIC’s website (AFIC Prez was chairman and official spokesman of the group and actively supports the anti-liberty laws), but I have seen no reference to the Reference Group.

It seems Mr Howard is happy to spend millions on educating us about our WorkChoices, but won’t tell us when he gives police further powers to detain and then shoot us.

© Irfan Yusuf 2005

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