Sunday, April 17, 2011

NEWS: Muhammad gets totally tanked on a plane

And in breaking news, some bloke named Muhammad gets completely sloshed on a plane. He has to appear before a magistrate. How embarrassing. Here is what Fairfax has to say:

Khairulddin Mohammad Yahya swore loudly at the inflight supervisor and poked him in the chest before the captain left the cockpit to deal with him.

Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday heard that Yahya, 22, swore loudly at the supervisor while a passenger told his mother to shut him up because he was frightening people. Prosecutor Aman Dhillon told the court that Yahya repeatedly left his economy seat and sat next to his mother in business class after her requests for his upgrade were refused.

OK, so his name was Mohammad, not Muhammad. Whateva.

Mr Dhillon said hours after the Malyasian Airlines flight left Kuala Lumpur on July 22 last year, he was seen in the vacant seat next to his mother. He complied with a request to return to his seat but, soon after, reappeared whereupon the supervisor detected alcohol on him.

Mr Dhillon said that several hours before landing Yahya again sat in business where he called the supervisor a "motherf-----" and to "f--- all of you".

The captain, who noticed Yahya slurred his words and smelt of alcohol, asked his mother to tell him to return to his seat and stop harassing the crew.

Swearing. Drunken behaviour. But hang on. Isn't that what engineering grads normally get upto? And what did the magistrate rule?

Senior magistrate Dan Muling told Yahya, who pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on an aircraft, that he was out of control. "It's like you're a terrorist on a plane," Mr Muling said.

Yahya was convicted and fined $1500.

Not good enough. Send him off to Supermax.

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