Sunday, May 03, 2009

BOOK: Bollywood exegesis of Once Were Radicals - Part I

Well my book Once Were Radicals: My years as a teenage Islamo-fascist has finally been released. You can buy it at most shops for $27, or you can save $2 and buy it from me direct. However, if you do that, then chances are that I will have to charge you at least $2 just to post it to you! Unless of course if you are prepared to meet me in an agreed-upon location. Preferably something very tasteful such as ElSweetie Cafe in Granville, though I'll happily settle for places like the Auburn Soccer Club, Ryde/Eastwood Leagues Club or the Pymble Hotel.

Anyway, from time to time, I will share with you some tafsir (a technical term in Islamic sciences meaning exegesis) of the text with reference to a cultural institution I spent much of my growing years being tortured by - Bollywood. So here goes ...

My parents resumed their fascistic language regime which involved us not being allowed to speak English at home ... My linguistic education included a regular regime of Bollywood movies.
(from Once Were Radicals: My years as a teenage Islamo-fascist)

Bollywood movies like Namak Halal, starring Amitabh Bachchan. Here is the big man playing the character of Arjun Singh, a villager who has just arrived in the city for a job interview.

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

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