Wednesday, April 22, 2009

COMMENT: The Camden fracas continues ...

It would be improper for me to comment on the legal merit of submissions made by Camden Council’s barrister at a hearing of the NSW Land & Environment Court yesterday afternoon. Excerpts from that letter have been reported in the Camden Advertiser, the Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald, not to mention some 11 regional papers.

Camden Council’s submission apparently included a letter signed by four local church leaders. Significantly, the Catholic and Uniting Churches are not signatories. I’m not sure if that letter made reference to issues of traffic, infrastructure and other planning considerations. It did, however, make reference to the school following a religion ...

... driven by a powerful political agenda, ... an ideology with a plan for world domination.

Apparently establishing such faith-based schools was ...
... typical of a regularly repeated pattern to form a beachhead in an area for the development of a sub-culture which, for the most part, regards its own legal system as superior to the current Australian law.

Furthermore, Camden Muslims would seek to dominate public space in Camden ...
... as we have seen in Auburn, Bankstown, Lakemba and more recently Liverpool.

It all sounds like something out of the pages of some fictional Protocols of the Learned Mullahs of Auburn, Bankstown, Lakemba & Liverpool (and soon Camden). Soon these nasty Muslim theocrats will be forcing locals to speak Islamic.

Directors of the Qur’anic Society behind the school proposal have some affiliation with the Tabligh Jamaat (TJ, translated as “preaching group”), a Sufi evangelical group founded in India last century. I have my reservations about the TJ, but these are more to do with some of their preaching methods which I think were best left in the last century.

"Yes Irfan,” some of you will say, “but tell us what these people really believe. What is their real agenda?” I guess the best way to sum up this nefarious group’s revolutionary agenda of world domination is to reproduce their 6 basic teachings:

*Strong faith in God;

*Observing the 5 daily prayers;

*Seeking knowledge while remaining humble through remembering God;

*Showing good manners to fellow believers;

*Sincerity in good deeds; and

*Spreading the message of the 5 abovementioned points.

You can find an expanded version of their terrorist extremist fundamentalist chauvinist Islamo-fascist Auburnist Bankstownist Lakembist agenda here. You’d sooner find Ahmedinejad supporting Zionism than the TJ plotting world domination.

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

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