Wednesday, November 28, 2007

COMMENT/MEDIA: On Afroz Ali, Saudi qualifications & the ABC Compass Progam

Shaykh ash-Shuyukh Fadilat ash-Shaykh Kiai Maulana Mullah Hujjat al-Islam Allamah Ayatullah Hoca Khwaja Moulay Sidi Imam Afroz Ali is described on the ABC Compass program as follows ...

Imam Afroz Ali is founding president of the Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development in Sydney’s south-west. Imam Ali has qualifications from Saudi Arabia ...

Anyone reading or watching this would presume Afroz has completed more than one degree from Saudi Arabia.

How would ABC have gotten this information? Who told them about Afroz's Saudi degrees? And if it isn't true, did Afroz take steps to correct it? If not, why not?

This isn't the first time such false and exaggerated claima have been made by Afroz or about him in his presence. In 2003, the University of Sydney described him as an "Islamic scholar". Yet he refuses to come clean and provide evidence to back up his claims.

I therefore once again request Afroz to produce his Saudi qualifications. Surely it would't be hard for him to scan these and place them on his blog. Or even to tell us what these qualifications are, where he obtained them and in what years.

© Irfan Yusuf 2007

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Ridhwan Hannan said...


You are knowledgeable and respected among your peers and the community, do not continue to lower yourself by persuing this awful and unislamic attack. Keep your thought private and your actions should be silent.

Afroz Ali does mountains of community based work in Australia, perhaps participate in that before you continue to ask these questions. Becuase in the end it makes you look like you actually have nothing better to do. Sorry

Ridhwan Hannan NSW

Ridhwan's brother said...

Naturally, Ridhwan, mountains of alleged community work (which he gets volunteers to do while he smiles for the cameras) is enough to compensate for charging money for lessons to unsuspecting people and misleading them into thinking he's a sheikh.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on Afroz's accreditation to teach people about Islam? I am very concerned as I am a convert and would not wast to be misled. Salaam.

Anonymous said...

Afroz is now officially known as "Imam" Afroz Ali. I'm not sure if he is a member of the Board of Imams.

Kal said...

Brother Irfan,

You have now contacted the program and found out that there is NO EVIDENCE that Imam Afroz made any misrepresentations of his qualifications. You also now know that HE DID CONTACT THE ABC to clarify that he did not complete his studies in Madinah (due to dissatisfaction with the teaching).

It would therefore be a good idea for you to delete this blog, for the sake of your credibility, your standing with Allah Most High and for any readers who may be misguided by your inaccurate statements.

With Peace,


Afraud said...

Afroz only contacted the program AFTER the issue was raised by Irfan.

Afroz was CLEARLY trying to cover his tracks.

Afroz has ONLY clarified his education at Madina WHEN HIS HAND HAS BEEN FORCED. On numerous occasions he has been promoted as a graduate of Madina University, and has NEVER corrected this. Irfan has given examples of this, including one at the University of Western Sydney where Afroz's own wife worked at the time.

Afroz has made excuse after excuse. He is full of excuses.

If Afroz wanted to shut Irfan up, he could have done so years ago just by answering Irfan's challenges. Afroz could have placed his qualifications on the internet for all to see. But he didn't.

Afroz should change his name to Afraud.

Anonymous said...

سلام عليكم
this matter should have been disclosed privately before having other people hesitating to come to islam. it is good you (irfan) wanted to know where the qualifications came from so as to make sure it wasnt misleading which is understandable. if you have a good relationship with our Allah, you would have known that his(imam afroz ali) word was genuine, and at the same time it was not fair that you had put these out there publicly instead of privately.

Anonymous said...

doubt is an act of the shaitan, if u have room for doubt then u have no room to be open minded and no room for trust. you will be closed minded and see only what you want to see, which blinds u from the truth which is what the shaitan wants and seeks to do. trust in only Allah when u have doubts so u will open your mind before u speak, for Allah will guide you to the right way. and we should not judge anybody for any wrong doing but remind them to come back to Allah for forgivness.
new zealand maori, newly convert