Thursday, June 28, 2007

More from Ed Husain

In the very-left-leaning New Statesman, Ed Husain blows the whistle on what he sees as

... an unchallenged, unreported Islamist underworld in the UK in which talk of jihad, bombings, stabbings, killings and executions is usual.

The article is a little hysterical and over-the-top for my liking. Husain seems to think Muslim kids are all a bunch of numbskulls who are easily influenced by what they read online. Surely he must realise that Muslim internet consumers are just as savvy as non-Muslim ones.

Further, I've seen plenty of violent rhetoric on conservative, Christian and even Jewish websites and forums. Does that mean conservatives are going around blowing themselves up?

There is a huge difference between someone who accepts part of the thinking of Syed Qutb or Maududi and someone who is prepared to blow themself up in Iraq or Tel Aviv. To suggest that ideology is the only factor is really quite simplistic. Husain would be wel-advised to read further on what actually inspired people to commit acts of suicidal terror. He might start with Robert Pape's work.

I'm no fan of political Islamism. But to put all the blame for terrorism on political Islamism goes a little over-the-top.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Irfan,

Was Ed Husain interviewed on Lateline last night? (Thurs 5th July). I caught the second half of the interview. Dealt with subject of radicalized Muslims seeking to carry out a terrorist act.

I think it is very brave of Muslims to admit their role in terror and then denounce their terror links. I think most non-Muslims have more respect for Muslims who recognize the problem instead of ignoring the problem or pointing the finger squarely at others.

Unfortunately the response to a terror plot or attack is following an all to familiar cycle which you are now part of.

1. Muslim inspired Terror Attack or Plot revealed.

2. The western press leap all over the story and tend to embellish. But can you really blame them? The press embellish any story whether it be Paris Hilton, Alan Didak or Princess Diana. So Muslims can't accuse the press of only picking on Muslims.

3. Muslims groups world wide issue legal disclaimer statements saying something like "we repeat that Islam is a peaceful religion". Muslim forum members worldwide get incredibly defensive against any criticism on terrorism. I would know as I'm a member of 2 forums. To raise the 'issue' of terrorism will get you shouted down or banned in minutes.

4. Muslim writers like yourself wait 3-4 days and then pick apart the press reponse and make sure to drag out examples of racism, Christian violence IRA *yawn* and even Crusades. Irrelevant as hard as you try to pass the buck and say "we Muslims are the victims." The reponse always works well as it distracts from talking about the 'root issues'. Interestingly the response now includes discrediting Mulsims who 'come out' and say there is a problem. Dragging their name through the mud is a top priority - we know the names.

5. Things settle down for few weeks or months (at most). You might even have time to criticise your own community. (I commend you for being open minded in that aspect - compared to other writers)

6. Another Muslim inspired terror plot hits the press = go back to point 1.

Repeated Cycle since 2001.

When is this cycle going to stop? Who is going to stop it?

Anyway, let's wait for the next terror plot / attack and I look forward to hearing all about the IRA, Crusades, Israel, etc etc.