Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catch The Fire Appeal commences

The Age on 22 August 2006 reports the commencement of the appeal by the Catch The Fire (CTF) Ministries and the “two Dannys” (Nalliah and Scot) against the ruling of Victoria’s Administrative Tribunal.

CTF were found to have breached Victoria’s Racial & Religious Tolerance Act during a 2002 seminar they held on Islam and Muslims.

The Age report showed an interesting photo of former Islamic Council of Victoria President Yasser Soliman shaking hands with Pastor Danny Nalliah. Neither is looking at the other. Both are only half-smiling.

Professional Muslim-hater Tim Blair cites the fundamentalist JihadWatch website report and almost commits contempt of Court by describing the proceedings as “this stupid case”.

His comment circus of far-right ratbags are also worth reading, if for no other reason than their loopy logic. Some of them are try to show that the ICV Counsel’s argument (reported by The Age as suggesting that vilification of Islam necessarily involves vilifying Muslims) means that the bloodthirsty acts and motived of select lunatics in the name of Islam can be attributed to all Muslims. Presumably, this includes that vast majority of terror victims who are also Muslims.

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