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Halal Snippets - 09/11/05

Who said you have to be a non-English speaking mufti to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease? Those irrelevant resident village idiots from Hizbut-Tehrir are trying to drum up support again.

AAP reported today comments by Wassim Dureihi, resident stand-up (and when it comes to Channel 9’s Today Show, sit-down) comic to HT. He apparently made it all out to be about Bush and Blair and what was happening overseas.

"The viewpoint from the Muslim community is that the pressure on the Muslims is not necessarily restricted to those that may otherwise be engaged in terrorist activities."

Here, Wassim, suck on this ideological dummy for a while as I tell you the facts. And the facts are that your organisation does not represent me. You have no right to speak for me.

Get off your high ideological horse and face some more facts. Thanks to isolationist groups and … yeah, I’ll say it … ideologies such as yours, we have had so much apathy and useless negativity amongst Muslims in this country.

You go around telling people that democracy is wrong, that political participation is wrong etc etc. You pretend that it is a forgone conclusion that Muslims will suffer, that all non-Muslims are out to get us. You tell us that Australia has a “kaafir” political system and that cooperation with governments is wrong.

Yet you would never have even known about any anti-terror laws had Muslims in Canberra taken your advice seriously. Because Canberra’s Muslims were smart and articulate and educated and had real lives, they knew how the system worked. Like the rest of mainstream Australia, they stood up and demanded their political leaders released the Bill if he was fair dinkum about civil liberties.

And that's exactly what Jon Stanhope did.

Now tell us how your pathetic displays of publicity could have achieved that?

I really wish Mr Dureihi and the small number of his extended family that make up HT would just shut up. They are beginning to sound like a bunch of thick-Sheiks.


Most Aussie MP’s are making quite rational statements amongst all the stupidity and media hype surrounding the recent raids. Although Bronwyn Bishop has implied that Muslims are all a bunch of migrants who just need to take a Bex and settle in.

“The French immigration policy has been very different from ours and their brewing problems have been a long time coming, Here, we offer freedom to people who come as permanent residents and as citizens but we ask them to be a part of freedom as we understand it.”

On the surface, nothing objectionable. Except that the majority of Muslims haven’t come here as permanent residents. The majority were actually born in Australia.

Get your facts right, Bronny!

Kurt Kennedy, captain of the clumsily-named “Best Party of Allah”, wants to know the extent of the sedition laws. He wants to know if you can be sent to gaol for supporting the right of Iraqis to kill Australians.

Kurt, my friend, why would Iraqis want to kill Australians? The only people taking up arms against Aussies are pro-Ba’ath separatists and Saddam loyalists. Me thinks most Iraqis just want the Coalition to get-the-hell out of their country, or at least to restore some order.

The Australian continues its crusade of ignorance by describing an ethnic group as “a leading Muslim group”. And which group is that?

The Australian Arabic Council.

Can someone please remind the dudes and dudettes down at The Australian that not all Arabs are Muslim. In fact, only 15% of the planet’s Muslim population speak Arabic. Further, over 50% of Aussie Arabs aren’t Muslim.

The paper goes onto quote AAC secretary Martin Hosking who gives some fantastic advice to News Limited. Hosking described the arrests as a "step forward, in the sense that matters which have been bubbling along in the media are now firmly in the hands of the courts”.

In other words, guys and guyettes, pull your heads on and let the coppers, the courts and the lawyers deal with it!

All this is contained in a story whose headline is “Moderate Muslims welcome arrests”. An example of one such “moderate Muslim” is the head of the al-Ahbash sect in Australia. The al-Ahbash, as we all know, are so moderate that they were named in the UN report on the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Indeed, a senior al-Ahbash leader arrested and charged with the murders has visited Australia a number of times.

I guess The Australian must regard assassinating Lebanese Prime Ministers as a fairly moderate thing to do.

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